Wild Flower Watch

Last Update:

October 23, 2017

Time Covered:

October 13 - 19, 2017


RBG Rose Garden, Hendrie Valley;
Hamilton Waterfront Trail;
and a property just west of the Hamilton border


I was lucky enough to find 91 species in bloom this past week. Nothing new for the season for me but I had a Beechdrop reported. (I forgot to add it to the list below.)

Wild and Naturalized Flowers Blooming

(N = New for the season    * = Not native to our area)

New English Name Latin Name French Name
Alyssum, Hoary *Berteroa incanaBerteroa blanche
Aster, Arrow-LeavedSymphyotrichum urophyllumAster à feuilles sagittées
Aster, AzureSymphyotrichum oolentangienseAster azuré
Aster, CalicoSymphyotrichum lateriflorumAster latériflore
Aster, Flat-ToppedDoellingeria umbellataAster à ombelles
Aster, FrostSymphyotrichum pilosumAster velu
Aster, Heart-LeavedSymphyotrichum cordifoliumAster à feuilles cordées
Aster, HeathSymphyotrichum ericoidesAster éricoïde
Aster, Large-LeavedEurybia macrophyllaAster à grandes feuilles
Aster, New EnglandSymphyotrichum novae-angliaeAster de la Nouvelle-Angleterre
Aster, PanicledSymphyotrichum lanceolatumAster lancéolé
Basil, WildClinopodium vulgareSarriette commune
Beggar Tick, SwampBidens tripartitaChanvre d`eau
Bindweed, HedgeCalystegia sepiumLiseron des haies
Black-Eyed SusanRudbeckia hirtaRudbeckie hérissée
Bouncing Bet *Saponaria officinalisSaponaire officinale
Bugleweed, RoughLycopus asperLycopus du Nord du Québec
Bur-Marigold, NoddingBidens cernuaBident penché
Burdock, Great *Arctium lappaGrande bardane
Butter-And-Eggs *Linaria vulgarisLinaire vulgaire
Catnip *Nepeta catariaHerbe à chat
Celandine *Chelidonium majusGrande chélidoine
Chickweed, Common * Stellaria mediaStellaire moyenne
Chickweed, Mouse-Ear *Cerastium fontanumCéraiste vulgaire
Chicory *Cichorium intybusChicorée sauvage
Clotbur, CommonXanthium strumariumLampourde glouteron
Clover, Red *Trifolium pratenseTrèfle rouge
Clover, White *Trifolium repensTrèfle blanc
Clover, White Sweet *Melilotus albaMélilot blanc
Coneflower, TallRudbeckia laciniataRudbeckie lacinée
Coneflower, Thin-Leaved * Rudbeckia trilobaRudbeckie
Crown-vetch, Purple *Securigera variaCoronille bigarrée
Cup PlantSilphium perfoliatumSilphe perfolié
Daisy, Oxeye *Leucanthemum vulgareMarguerite blanche
Dandelion, Common *Taraxacum officinalePissenlit officinal
Dandelion, Red-Seeded *Taraxacum erythrospermumPissenlit à graines rouges
Evening Primrose, CommonOenothera biennisOnagre bisannuelle
Everlasting, SweetPseudognaphalium obtusifoliumGnaphale à feuilles obtuses
Feverfew *Tanacetum partheniumGrande camomille
Flax, Common *Linum usitatissimumLin cultivé
Fleabane, DaisyErigeron annuusVergerette annuelle
Forget-Me-Not, True *Myosotis scorpioidesMyosotis scorpioïde
Galinsoga *Galinsoga quadriradiataGalinsoga cilié
Galinsoga, Small-FloweredGalinsoga parvifloraGalinsoga à petites fleurs
Goldenrod, Blue-StemmedSolidago caesiaVerge d'or bleuâtre
Goldenrod, CanadaSolidago canadensisVerge d`or du Canada
Goldenrod, Lance-LeavedEuthamia graminifoliaVerge d`or à feuilles de graminée
Goldenrod, TallSolidago altissimaVerge d`or haute
Goldenrod, ZigzagSolidago flexicaulisVerge d'or zigzag
Groundsel, Common * Senecio vulgarisSéneçon vulgaire
Heal-AllPrunella vulgarisPrunelle vulgaire
Herb Robert *Geranium robertianumGéranium de Robert
HorseweedConyza canadensisVergerette du Canada
Knapweed, Brown *Centaurea jaceaCentaurée jacée
Knapweed, Spotted *Centaurea maculosaCentaurée maculée
Knotgrass, Common *Polygonum aviculareRenouée des oiseaux
Knotweed, Japanese *Polygonum cuspidatumRenouée japonaise
Mallow, Common *Malva neglectaMauve négligée
Mallow, Indian *Abutilon theophrastiAbutilon à pétales jaunes
Mayweed *Anthemis cotulaCamomille puante
Medick, Black *Medicago lupulinaLuzerne lupuline
Mint, WildMentha arvensisMenthe des champs
Motherwort *Leonurus cardiacaAgripaume cardiaque
Nightshade, Bittersweet *Solanum dulcamaraMorelle douce-amère
Nightshade, Eastern BlackSolanum ptychanthumMorelle noire de l’est
Nipplewort *Lapsana communisLapsane commune
Ox-Tongue, Hawkweed *Picris hieracioidesHélminthie fausse-épervière
Pennycress, Field *Thlaspi arvenseTabouret des champs
Periwinkle *Vinca minorPetite pervenche
Phlox, Garden *Phlox paniculataPhlox paniculé
Pink, Deptford *Dianthus armeriaOeillet arméria
Queen Anne's Lace *Daucus carotaCarotte sauvage
Ragweed, CommonAmbrosia artemisiifoliaPetite herbe à poux
Ragweed, Perennial Ambrosia psilostachyaHerbe à poux vivace
Skullcap, MarshScutellaria galericulataScutellaire à feuilles d'épilobe
Smartweed, Water (P.Punctatum)Polygonum punctatumRenouée ponctuée
Smartweed, WaterPolygonum amphibiumRenouée amphibie
SnowberrySymphoricarpos albusSymphorine blanche
Sow Thistle, Common *Sonchus oleraceusLaiteron potager
Sow Thistle, Spiny-Leaved *Sonchus asperLaiteron rude
Spurge, Petty *Euphorbia peplusEuphorbe des jardins
Storksbill *Erodium cicutariumÉrodium cicutaire
Tansey *Tanacetum vulgareTanaisie vulgaire
Teasel *Dipsacus fullonumCardère des bois
Touch-Me-Not, SpottedImpatiens capensisImpatiente biflore
Vervain, WhiteVerbena urticifoliaVerveine à feuilles d`ortie
Wall-Rocket, Narrow-Leaved * Diplotaxis tenuifoliaDiplotaxis à feuilles ténues
Wallrocket *Diplotaxis muralisDiplotaxis des murs
Witch HazelHamamelis virginianaHamamélis de Virginie
Wood Sorrel, CreepingOxalis corniculataOxalide cornue
Yarrow, Common *Achillea millefoliumAchillée millefeuille

Monday Wild Flower Walks

The Monday evening walks are finished for the season.

There will be a Saturday afternoon walk
November 4th at 1:30 p.m. starting at the RBG's Arboretum.

Dean walks every Friday afternoon on RBG grounds
and/or the Hamilton Waterfront Trail.
Contact him at least 24 hours in advance for meeting points and times.

Photos from Fleur-Ange Lamothe

Some other Photos from Fleur-Ange

Photos and Information from Ron Hepworth

Ron passed away on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012. Because he kept records of early and peak blooming times for nearly 30 years and then passed along his summaries to me for this site, I plan on leaving his last summary here. Below is a small sample of what the whole summary looks like:

(observed at Brantford, Ont.) FF = First Flower/Pollen 43.10'N--80.12'W PB = Peak/Mid Bloom Date ( )= Interpolated Date E = Estimated Date SPECIES OBSERVED NO. FF FF PB PB LAG YRS 2010 MEAN 2010 MEAN IN DAYS willow buds (sprout/green) 15 Mar 9 Mar 15 Mar 17 Mar 27 -8.0 (Salix alba vitellina) Euro. hazelnut (FF/Pollen) 13 Mar 19 Mar 21 Mar 21 Mar 30 -5.5 (Corylus avellana) skunk cabbage (pollen/PB) 13 (Mar 18)Mar 25(Mar 31)Apr 2 -4.5 (Symplocarpus foetidus) --------------------------------------------------------------------- The link for the rest of the records is below:

Ron's 2010 Flowering Summary

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