Wild Flower Watch

Last Update:

June 12, 2022, 2022

Times Covered:

June 6 - 12, 2022


RBG Hendrie Valley, Hamilton Waterfront Trail and &
a property just west of the Hamilton border.


( FYI: During the pandemic I was not able to visit the RBG & Hamilton area to look for flower and so I got out of the habit of updating this website every week. Instead, I worked on my daily blog and started putting down flowers from home, just west of the Hamilton border as well as other nature observations. I am still doing that so if you would like to see the more limited list of daily flower blooms have a look at my blog. https://ontariowanderer.blogspot.com )

Following, here is the full report for June 6 - 12 from the Hamilton area as well as from the property just west of the Hamilton border.

Below is the list of the 85 native or naturalized flower species I saw blooming these past 2 weeks.

Wild, Naturalized or Cultivated Flowers Blooming

(N = New this past week    * = Not native to our area)

New English Name Latin Name French Name
Alexanders, GoldenZizia aureazizia doré+N1:N67
Anemone, CanadaAnemonastrum canadenseanémone du Canada
Asparagus *Asparagus officinalisasperge
Avens, Wood *Geum urbanumbenoîte commune
NBindweed, Hedge (Hedge False Bindweed)Calystegia sepiumliseron des haies
Blackberry, Common (S)Rubus allegheniensisronce alléghanienne
NBlue Flag, LargerIris versicoloriris versicolore
Blue-Eyed Grass, CommonSisyrinchium montanumbermudienne montagnarde
NBugloss, Viper's *Echium vulgarevipérine commune
Buttercup, Tall *Ranuculus acrisrenoncule âcre
Carrion Flower, Common Smilax lasioneurasmilax à nervures pubescentes
Celandine *Chelidonium majusgrande chélidoine
Chickweed, Common * Stellaria mediastellaire moyenne
Chickweed, Mouse-Ear *Cerastium fontanumcéraiste vulgaire
Cinquefoil, CommonPotentilla simplexpotentille simple
Cinquefoil, Silvery *Potentilla argenteapotentille argentée
CleaversGalium aparinegaillet gratteron
Clover, Red *Trifolium pratensetrèfle rouge
Clover, White *Trifolium repenstr èfle blanc
NClover, Yellow Sweet *Melilotus officinalismélilot officinal
Columbine, Garden *Aquilegia vulgarisancolie
Columbine, WildAquilegia canadensisancolie du Canada
Comfrey, Common *Symphytum officinaleconsoude officinale
Cranberry, Highbush (S)Viburnum trilobumviorne trilobée
NCrown-vetch, Purple *Securigera variacoronille bigarrée
Daisy, Oxeye *Leucanthemum vulgaremarguerite blanche
Dandelion, Common *Taraxacum officinalepissenlit officinal
Dock, Curled *Rumex crispuspatience crépue
NDogbane, SpreadingApocynum androsaemifoliumapocyne à feuilles d'andros ème
Dogwood, Alterate-Leaved (T)Cornus alternifoliacornouiller à feuilles alternes
Dogwood, Silky (Pale)(S)Cornus obliquacornouiller oblique
Fleabane, CommonErigeron philadelphicusérigéron de Philadelphie
NFleabane, DaisyErigeron annuusvergerette annuelle
Forget-Me-Not, True *Myosotis scorpioidesmyosotis scorpioïde
Geranium, WildGeranium maculatumgéranium maculé
Goatsbeard, Meadow *Tragopogon pratensissalsifis des prés
Goatsbeard, Yellow *Tragopogon dubiussalsifis majeur
Grape, Riverbank (Vine)Vitis ripariavigne des rivages
Ground Ivy *Glechoma hederacealierre terrestre
Groundsel, Common * Senecio vulgarisséneçon vulgaire
Hawkweed, Field *Hieracium caespitosumépervi ère des prés
Hawkweed, Orange *Hieracium aurantiacumépervi ère orangée
NHawkweed, Smooth*Hieracium piloselloidesépervi ère des florentins
Herb Robert *Geranium robertianumgéranium de robert
HonewortCryptotaenia canadensiscryptoténie du Canada
Honeysuckle, Amur * (S)Lonicera maackiich èvrefeuille de maack
NHoneysuckle, Northern Bush (S)Diervilla loniceradi èreville ch èvrefeuille
NHound's Tongue *Cynoglossum officinalecynoglosse officinale
<Iris, Yellow *Iris pseudacorusiris des marais
Lady's Slipper, YellowCypripedium parviflorum var. pubescenscyprip ède pubescent
Lily, BullheadNuphar variegatumgrand nénuphar jaune
Locust, Black * (T)Robinia pseudoacaciarobinier faux-acacia
Medick, Black *Medicago lupulinaluzerne lupuline
NMustard, Field *Brassica rapamoutarde des oiseaux
Mustard, Garlic *Alliaria petiolataalliaire officinale
NNightshade, Bittersweet *Solanum dulcamaramorelle douce-am ère
NinebarkPhysocarpus opulifoliusphysocarpe à feuilles d'obier
Orchard Grass * (Grass)Dactylis glomeratadactyle pelotonné
Pennycress, Field *Thlaspi arvensetabouret des champs
Peppergrass, Field *Lepidium campestrelépidie des champs
Periwinkle *Vinca minorpetite pervenche
Phlox, Wild BluePhlox divaricataphlox divariqué
NPimpernel, Scarlet *Lysimachia arvensismouron rouge
Pimpernel, YellowTaenidia integerrimaténidia à feuilles enti ères
Plantain, English *Plantago lanceolataplantain lancéolé
NPokeweedPhytolacca americanaphytolaque d'Amérique
NPond Lily, YellowNuphar variegatagrand nénuphar juane
Raspberry, Black (Thimbleberry) (S)Rubus occidetalisframboisier noir
Rocket, Dame's *Hesperis matronalisjulienne des dames
NRose, Rugosa *Rosa rugosarosier rugueux
NRose, Smooth (S)Rosa blandarosier inerme
NRush, Flowering *Butomus umbellatusbutome à ombelle
NSilverweedArgentia anserinapotentille ansérine
Solomon's Seal, FalseMaianthemum racemosumsmilacine à grappes
Sorrel, Sheep *Rumex acetosellapetite oseille
Speedwell, Common *Veronica officialisvéronique officinale
Spiderwort *Tradescantia virginianatradescantie de Virginie
NSwallowwort *Cynanchum rossicum cynanche
Trefoil, Birdsfoot *Lotus corniculatuslotier corniculé
Tulip Tree (T)Liriodendron tulipiferatulipier de Virginie
Valerian, Garden *Valeriana officinalisvalériane officinale
NVetch, Cow * (Tufted V.)Vicia craccavesce jargeau
Viburnum, Maple-LeavedViburnum acerifoliumviorne acérifoliée
Water Lily, Sweet ScentedNymphaea odoratanymphéa odorant
NYarrow, Common *Achillea millefoliumachillée millefeuille

Photo from Fleur-Ange Lamothe

Photos and Information from Ron Hepworth

Ron passed away on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012. Because he kept records of early and peak blooming times for nearly 30 years and then passed along his summaries to me for this site, I plan on leaving his last summary here. Below is a small sample of what the whole summary looks like:

(observed at Brantford, Ont.) FF = First Flower/Pollen 43.10'N--80.12'W PB = Peak/Mid Bloom Date ( )= Interpolated Date E = Estimated Date SPECIES OBSERVED NO. FF FF PB PB LAG YRS 2010 MEAN 2010 MEAN IN DAYS willow buds (sprout/green) 15 Mar 9 Mar 15 Mar 17 Mar 27 -8.0 (Salix alba vitellina) Euro. hazelnut (FF/Pollen) 13 Mar 19 Mar 21 Mar 21 Mar 30 -5.5 (Corylus avellana) skunk cabbage (pollen/PB) 13 (Mar 18)Mar 25(Mar 31)Apr 2 -4.5 (Symplocarpus foetidus) --------------------------------------------------------------------- The link for the rest of the records is below:

Ron's 2010 Flowering Summary

A link to a new portfolio, under very slow construction, of flowers from Dean, Fleur-Ange and Ron is below:

Portfolio of Various Photos

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