Wild Flower Watch

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May 18, 2017

Time Covered:

May 5 - 18, 2017


RBG Rose Garden, Hendrie Valley, Arboretum;
Brantford Waterfront Trail, and a property just west of the Hamilton border


I decided to not talk about the weather so I will not mention the frost nor the +29 degrees celcius temperatures which have both happened during the last few days. I will not talk about the flooded trails in the Hendrie Valley and the Arboretum either. Just enough to say that I found 78 species of plants in bloom with the help of the wild flower group and that I will change the photos when I can find another few minutes to work on this site.

Wild and Naturalized Flowers Blooming

(N = New for the season    * = Not native to our area)

New English Name Latin Name French Name
NAlexanders, GoldenZizia aureaZizia doré
Anemone, WoodAnemone quinquefoliaAnémone à cinq folioles
Apple *(T)Malus pumilaPommier commun
Baneberry, RedActaea rubraActée rouge
Barberry, Japanese * (S)Berberis thunbergiiÉpine-vinette du japon
NBellwort, Large-FloweredUvularia grandifloraUvulaire à grandes fleurs
NBlueberry, Early LowVaccinium angustifoliumAirelle à feuilles étroites
Buckeye, OhioAesculus glabraMarronnier glabre
Buttercup, HispidRanunculus hispidusRenoncule hispide
Buttercup, KidneyleafRanunculus abortivusRenoncule abortive
Celandine *Chelidonium majusGrande chélidoine
Celandine, Lesser *Ranunculus ficariaRenoncule ficaire
NCherry, Choke (S)Prunus virginianaCerisier à grappes
Chickweed, Common * Stellaria mediaStellaire moyenne
Chickweed, Mouse-Ear *Cerastium fontanumCéraiste vulgaire
CleaversGalium aparineGaillet gratteron
Coltsfoot *Tussilago farfaraTussilage pas d'âne
Currant, Wild Black (S)Ribes americanumGadellier d'Amérique
Current, European Red (S)Ribes rubrumGadellier rouge
Dandelion, Common *Taraxacum officinalePissenlit officinal
Dandelion, Marsh *Taraxacum palustrePissenlit palustre
Dandelion, Red-Seeded *Taraxacum erythrospermumPissenlit à graines rouges
Dead-Nettle, Purple *Lamium purpureumLamier pourpre
Dead-Nettle, Spotted *Lamium maculatumLamier maculé
NDogwood, Eastern Flowering (T)Cornus floridaCornouiller fleuri
NElderberry, RedSambucus rasemosa ssp pubensSureau rouge
NFalse MermaidFloerkea proserpinacoidesFloerkée fausse-proserpinie
NFoamflower, Heart-leavedTiarella cordifoliaTiarelle cordifoliée
Forget-Me-Not, True *Myosotis scorpioidesMyosotis scorpioïde
NGeranium, WildGeranium maculatumGéranium maculé
NGoatsbeard, Meadow *Tragopogon pratensisSalsifis des prés
NGooseberry, Eastern PricklyRibes cynosbatiGroseiller des chiens
Ground Ivy *Glechoma hederaceaLierre terrestre
NHeal-AllPrunella vulgarisPrunelle vulgaire
Henbit *Lamium amplexicauleLamier amplexicaule
Hepatica, Round-Lobed Hepatica americanaHépatique d'Amérique
Hepatica, Sharp-LobedHepatica acutilobaHépatique à lobes aigus
NHoneysuckle, Tartarian * (S)Lonicera tataricaChèvrefeuille de tartarie
Johnny Jump-Up *Viola tricolorViolette tricolore
Marigold, Marsh Caltha palustrisPopulage des marais
Meadow-Rue, EarlyThalictrum dioicumPigamon dioïque
Mustard, Garlic *Alliaria petiolataAlliaire officinale
NParsley, Cow *Anthriscus sylvestrisAnthrisque des bois
Pennycress, Field *Thlaspi arvenseTabouret des champs
NPeppergrass, Field *Lepidium campestreLépidie des champs
Periwinkle *Vinca minorPetite pervenche
NPlum, American (T)Prunus americanaPrunier d`amérique
NPussytoes, Parlin'sAntennaria parliniiAntennaire de Parlin
NPussytoes, SmallerAntennaria howelliiAntennaire de Howell
NRedbud (T)Cercis canadensisGainier rouge
Rocket, Yellow *Barbarea vulgarisBarbarée vulgaire
NSarsaparilla, WildAralia nudicaulisAralie à tige nue
NSassafras (T)Sassafras albidumSassafras officinal
Saxifrage, EarlyMicranthes virginiensisSaxifrage de virginie
Shadbush, Common (T)Amelanchier arboreaAmélanchier arborescent
Shepherd's Purse *Capsella bursa-pastorisBourse-à-pasteur
NSpeedwell, Persian *Veronica persicaVéronique de perse
Speedwell, Slender *Veronica filiformisVéronique filiforme
NSpeedwell, Thyme-Leaved *Veronica serpyllifoliaVéronique à feuilles de serpolet
Spring Beauty, Narrow-leavedClaytonia virginicaClaytonie de Virginie
NSpurge, Cypress *Euphorbia cyparissiasEuphorbe cyprès
Storksbill *Erodium cicutariumÉrodium cicutaire
Strawberry, BarrenGeum fragarioidesWaldsteinia faux-fraisier
Strawberry, FieldFragaria virginianaFraisier de Virginie
Strawberry, WoodlandFragaria vescaFraisier américain
Toothwort, Cut-LeavedCardamine concatenataDentaire laciniée
Toothwort, Two-leavedCardamine diphyllaDentaire à deux feuilles
Trillium, WhiteTrillium grandiflorumTrille blanc
Trout-LilyErythronium americanumÉrythrone d'Amérique
NViolet, CanadaViola canadensisViolette du Canada
Violet, CommonViola sororiaViolette parente
Violet, DogViola conspersaViolette décombante
Violet, Downy YellowViola pubescensViolette pubescente
Violet, Leconte'sViola affinisViolette affine
Violet, Long-SpurredViola rostrataViolette rostrée
Whitlow Grass *Draba vernaDrave printanière
NWood BetonyPedicularis canadensisLa pédiculaire du Canada
Woodrush, HairyLuzula acuminataLuzule acuminée

Monday Wild Flower Walks

The Monday evening walks are happening.
For meeting times and maps to locations contact Dean.

Monday, May 22 - Bruce Trail from Snake Road

Sunday, May 29 - Hamilton Waterfront Trail from Princess Point

Dean also walks every Friday afternoon on RBG grounds
and/or the Hamilton Waterfront Trail.
Contact him at least 24 hours in advance for meeting points and times.

Photos from Fleur-Ange Lamothe

Some other Photos from Fleur-Ange

Photos and Information from Ron Hepworth

Ron passed away on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012. Because he kept records of early and peak blooming times for nearly 30 years and then passed along his summaries to me for this site, I plan on leaving his last summary here. Below is a small sample of what the whole summary looks like:

(observed at Brantford, Ont.) FF = First Flower/Pollen 43.10'N--80.12'W PB = Peak/Mid Bloom Date ( )= Interpolated Date E = Estimated Date SPECIES OBSERVED NO. FF FF PB PB LAG YRS 2010 MEAN 2010 MEAN IN DAYS willow buds (sprout/green) 15 Mar 9 Mar 15 Mar 17 Mar 27 -8.0 (Salix alba vitellina) Euro. hazelnut (FF/Pollen) 13 Mar 19 Mar 21 Mar 21 Mar 30 -5.5 (Corylus avellana) skunk cabbage (pollen/PB) 13 (Mar 18)Mar 25(Mar 31)Apr 2 -4.5 (Symplocarpus foetidus) --------------------------------------------------------------------- The link for the rest of the records is below:

Ron's 2010 Flowering Summary

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