Wildflower Watch in Italy

               All the flowers below were found in the Tuscany area of Italy
                     between March 10 and 22, 2005 along with ten other species.

We stayed at a villa near Borgo a Mozzano just uphill from the terraced fields shown in this photo.

            Photos below were taken by both Fleur-Ange and I.
            I have attempted, when possible, to identify the flowers using several wild flower books. I borrowed Mediterranean Wild Flowers by Marjorie Blamey & Christopher Grey-Wilson from the manager of the villa Catureglio where we stayed. I borrowed Flower of the Mediterranean by Oleg Polunin & Anthoney Huxley from the herbarium at the RBG and I used my copy of The Wild Flower Key of British Isles-N.W. Europe by Francis Rose.
            If anyone sees errors in identification, please let me know and I shall make corrections.

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